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Testimonial blog 76

The Kool Glow team would like to say 'Thank you" to Amy Bently for the email sent to us.

It was our pleasure to sponsor your class at the AFTER Hack show in Ipswich Qld. It is not often thank you emails are sent. So it was very much appreciated from us all, thank you! Im sure a very deserving winner for your Champion Open Hunter Hack title, your horse looks wonderful and we wish you the best for the following season.

"Dear Head Office (Kool Glow),
Last Weekend my new horse and I stepped out for his first show at the AFTER Hack Day in Ipswich, Qld. It was a fantastic day out and it was made better by the awesome prizes I received, one of which was a 5kg bag of Kool Glow. I Just wanted to personally thank you for your generosity in sponsoring the
class for Champion Open Hunter Hack and my horse will certainly enjoy it!
Thank you!
Amy Bentley"