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Amy Eckford - proudly sponsored by Koolglow
Amy Eckford, is located in south eastern Queensland and involved in Barrel Racing in a big way and is proudly sponsored by Koolglow!

Amy recently told us:

I’m incredibly lucky my everyday involves horses in one way or another. It’s not only my hobby to barrel race, I also breed and train horses on a small scale. I have 2 girls that also like to ride and we have the most amazing collection of kids horses 😍. Maddi, my oldest, rides most days at home and does the occasional barrel race, although she’s very into her show jumping right now. Hayley has the need for speed! Not much control, but she’s fast 🤣. Mick, my husband, is our biggest supporter and no idea is ever too crazy for him.


My work is also very involved with horses. I’m an equine assisted counsellor which is an extremely rewarding job and one I feel so lucky to get to practice each day. My business Eckford Equine supports people‘s mental health through their many different walks of life with the unique involvement of the horses in therapy.

Kind regards,
Amy Eckford