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Great result for Jess !

Thank you Jessica Dudley for your queries and feedback on Kool Glow. A huge thank you for the photos of your gorgeous boy as well!

Hey Kool Glow,

I have a lovely young lad whom will hit the show season with a Big Bang, and we have started using your Kool glow about 1.5 months ago and he's looking lovely. I also have a broodmare, and an ex- race horse mare whom looked crap and skinny, and she's a big girl. Now that she is on Kool Glow, she's starting to put weight on and have a lovely shine come through! Would love to help spread the word about your lovely Kool glow.

Kind regards,


PS: here's some photos of out first ridden outing late last year!!! We had a English Royal Judge over for the show, he was in love with my horse!!