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It's about Your Horse, Your Discipline, and Your Dream!

For me this picture captures a big part of what Kool Glow is all about.

Whatever you do with your horses, you want to be able to enjoy them at their best, whether it is riding over the ranges with your family, or competing in the Olympics. Kool Glow wants to help you achieve Your Dream!

This photo and text is from one of the creators of Kool Glow....a product that is 100% Australian developed, owned and manufactured. The beginnings of the idea for the product that ended up as Kool Glow started out here, on a horse, with a dream to follow.

"This is the photo, shot in our Eastern Fall country, which is my home, with my little girl riding pillion, as she as done since she was 2 for hours at a time, on my mare Tia who has saved my life on several occasions." - RG.

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Sceptical at first but quickly impressed.



I started using Kool Glow about 5 months ago after speaking to Kellie Fraser at an event about the product. I was impressed by how easy the product is to use everything you need is in one product. I was sceptical about trying my ulcer prone horse on it. After just a matter of weeks he was off almost everything else I was feeding him. His temperament has changed dramatically his demeanour is cool and calm. The girthy, cranky boy is almost non existent his habit of shying and giving the odd hump when first mounted is a thing of the past. He is a delightful and beautiful boy to be around generally. The pictures of him speak for themselves he is in excellent condition shiney and healthy due to his work regime and in conjunction with Kool Glow. I am one happy customer. We love Kool Glow.