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It's about Your Horse, Your Discipline, and Your Dream!

For me this picture captures a big part of what Kool Glow is all about.

Whatever you do with your horses, you want to be able to enjoy them at their best, whether it is riding over the ranges with your family, or competing in the Olympics. Kool Glow wants to help you achieve Your Dream!

This photo and text is from one of the creators of Kool Glow....a product that is 100% Australian developed, owned and manufactured. The beginnings of the idea for the product that ended up as Kool Glow started out here, on a horse, with a dream to follow.

"This is the photo, shot in our Eastern Fall country, which is my home, with my little girl riding pillion, as she as done since she was 2 for hours at a time, on my mare Tia who has saved my life on several occasions." - RG.

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Thank you Ashleigh Morton for your lovely feedback on Kool Glow!

Here is what Ashleigh had to say....

"Just wanted to say i love your product! My horse is thriving on it literally glowing!
I have tried heaps of different supplements, but Kool Glow has definitely shown the best results.
It's a great product! My horse definitely likes it, and it smells so good! I got recommended by a friend who also loves it! So excited to have a shiny pony for comp season!"

We love getting feedback from our customers, it's why we love this product too!

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Thank you so much Ella Scrace for you lovely feedback on your beautiful boy!

He looks amazing!
Here is what Ella had to say.

"Hi Kool Glow team,
I would just like to say that I am so impressed and satisfied with your product. My horse has been on it for about 2 months now and the difference in his coat, hoof strength and health is amazing. I recommend it to people nearly everyday and my horse absolutely loves it! Here are some photos of him before and after being on it".  - Ella

The before and after photos are wonderful! The pictures tell the story, what a change! 


Testimonial blog 65

Thank you Janice Bonnici for your update on your gorgeous filly!

Here is what Janice had to say about her Kool Glow experience....

"This is my little Sophia. My Kool Glow Tester filly. When KOOL GLOW associates offered me this amazing Health product I decided to test it on Sophia as she wasnt blooming even though she was being fed the same as a 17hh hack !!! Well the results after 10 weeks are Super Fantastic THANKYOU KOOL GLOW"


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Well done Anthony...

Thank you Anthony Frankcombe for your photos and feedback on Freddie.
Freddie is a 9 yo OTT thoroughbred who was rescued by Anthony.
Here is his story:

"So I picked this boy up 6 weeks ago from a swamp where he had become this terribly frail, poor, starving horse that was on on deaths door. With plenty of green grass, quality feed and Kool Glow he has transformed from a skeletal rescue case, to a happy, healthy gleaming horse. He showed an incredible will to live, and look at him now!"

Well done Anthony, thank goodness for people like you! Freddie looks gorgeous and so happy! 

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Goodyer family at the top...

Wow! We already have a fantastic result for a well known family of top competitors here at the SHCV All States Showdown this weekend. The Goodyer family, Lesley, Gracie and Lucy, along with Jenny Hodges were very worried as Cheeky 'Ripple Brook Antique' a Welsh section A had been off his feed for a couple of weeks, due to all the travel and changes in environment over the last few months. He wouldn't eat at all when he arrived, and had lost weight.

We tried a sample of Kool Glow on him, and he started eating! Less than 24 hours later and he was finishing all his meals, and looking for more. The Goodyer/ Hodges family are thrilled. They can't believe the fast response to Kool Glow, and are so relieved that their gorgeous boy is back on his tucker, and ready to wow the judges today. 

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28 year old 'Punch' loves Kool Glow!

Wow! Thank you so much Sarah for your wonderful feedback on 'Punch'
He is looking amazing!
The result on QLD itch is awesome, we love hearing everyone's personal results. Thanks everyone for sending them in.
Here is what Sarah had to say......

" Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This top photo is of our 28 year old gelding Punch who has been on Kool glow for 3 weeks today. I had my 2 show horses on Kool glow, and when nothing was working to help Punch put on some weight after a hard winter, I tried Kool glow. Within a week you could already notice a difference. He also suffers from Queensland itch and is always rubbing his mane and tail against something. Since he has been on Kool glow, we haven't seen him itch once and his hoof quality has already improved significantly. Now we have 4 horses on it- it's worth every penny!" - Sarah 
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Trumby's journey

Thank you Nikki for your great feedback on Kool Glow, and the fantastic results you have had with Trumby!

I recently got my very first horse an 18 month old BRUMBY. He is now just over 2 years old.
Trumbull didn't have the best start to life. He was caught from the wild at about 6 weeks old, with no mother. He was hand raised, and lived through drought conditions until I bought him and moved him from Tamworth to Southern Vic.
When he first arrived his coat was dull and he had ALOT of dandruff and flaky skin. He also started to get patchy hair loss. When buying his hay one day your product was next to the counter so I thought I would try it. Within a few weeks his flaky dandruff was reduced and then gone! His coat was shinier and healthier. He was looking much better.
We went away on a holiday for 3 weeks and the agistment property only fed him his hay and I left a mineral salt lick in his paddock. When I arrived back his dandruff was as bad as before and he had lots of hair loss.
I started adding the Kool Glow into his diet daily again and it cleared it up. He has half a cup daily and looks amazing!
Thank you! I'm really happy with your product and so is  my horse Trumby. I'm really happy we bought your product that day and that Sporthorse saddlery suggested it."- Nikki 


Testimonial blog 14
Lottie brings home the sash!

Thank you Georgie Ransom for your wonderful feedback on Kool Glow. Congratulations to you and Lottie on winning Best of Breed!
Another great example showing how week Kool Glow work in dogs.......it's not just for horses.
Try Kool Glow on your dogs too!

Georgie fist seeked out to find some information on Kool Glow just 6 weeks prior to her competition as she wanted to improve the well being of her beloved pooch Lottie. Here is what Georgie had to say.

"My Weimaraner Lottie aka Ghostwind Lousie Vuitton AI has been on Kool Glow for just over a month and have seen a massive improvement in her coat and overall health. She suffered from dry skin before commencing on Kool Glow and has since cleared up. I think the results speak for themselves as she won her first Best of Breed at the Westbury Ag Show on Sunday!! Thanks Janice Bonnici for all of your help and advice look forward to the months ahead in the show ring" - Georgie 


 Testimonial blog teddy

Thanks Mel for sharing we love seeing Teddy's progress

Here is the latest update from one of our wonderful Kool Glow supporters Mel Clausen. We have been following Teddy's progress from straight off the track to winning show horse, and he just keeps on improving.....and winning!
Here's Mel's latest update:

" Teddy on a spell. This is week 11... can you believe it? Only having small feed twice daily, never missing his Kool Glow. Literally half the feed he was on during the show season. Good quality feed, and pasture/ hay plus Kool Glow is all he needs." 
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Check out Karen Webbs stunning 45yo mare CHERRY. KOOL GLOWING !!!!

Karen she looks amazing and is a credit to you, well done. Cherry was born on Christmas day 45 years ago bless her she is in super health. Thank you Karen for adding KOOL GLOW to her diet.