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It's about Your Horse, Your Discipline, and Your Dream!

For me this picture captures a big part of what Kool Glow is all about.

Whatever you do with your horses, you want to be able to enjoy them at their best, whether it is riding over the ranges with your family, or competing in the Olympics. Kool Glow wants to help you achieve Your Dream!

This photo and text is from one of the creators of Kool Glow....a product that is 100% Australian developed, owned and manufactured. The beginnings of the idea for the product that ended up as Kool Glow started out here, on a horse, with a dream to follow.

"This is the photo, shot in our Eastern Fall country, which is my home, with my little girl riding pillion, as she as done since she was 2 for hours at a time, on my mare Tia who has saved my life on several occasions." - RG.

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Thank you Tiffanie for your photos of your new Filly.

She is coming along really nicely!

"My new filly after three weeks on kool glow, so happy" - Tiffanie
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Thank you Elli for you photos and feedback on Kool Glow, he is looking great!
"My thoroughbred after he has been on Kool Glow for about 2 months. He has a beautiful coat" 
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Thank you so much Wilma for showing us the great results that you have achieved with Kool Glow on Mr Ed...

We are so happy that you got a good result, particularly as he was diagnosed with Cushings just as you were about to start the product.
Here is what Wilma had to say about Kool Glow.

"Just sending some photos through of Mr Ed.
Ed has been on Kool Glow for about 2 months now. He was pretty awful before he was taking it. A lovely friend of mine came out and clipped him, this is the first photo.
I would like to say that as he has got cushings he hasn't come back perfectly with all the hair on his legs and body, but he is looking fantastic. His hooves are also doing great. They would usually be chipping by now. He has new growth on his mane which he has never had in the 10 years that I have owned him. He also has new growth on the top of his tail. I can't thank you all enough for Kool Glow, and the difference it has made in his life.
I don't do anything great with him, just pleasure riding. The photo of me riding is just after the clipping was done. I also would like to say that you don't usually have someone to turn to with other mineral products, but it's lovely to have Lana to phone when needed, which is really great service.
Thanks" - Wilma McGregor.


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Thank you Michelle Sheens for your lovely feedback on Kool Glow.
"Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I've had my 2 horses on it for 2 weeks come Monday and the shine on my TBs coat is amazing! My 24yo QH mare is looking and feeling great as well! No special diet just breeda and chaff. Really loving his product" - Michelle 
Kool Glow would like to Thank Lydia from Kingston Agistment in Tasmania for her feedback on Kool Glow!

Kingston Agistment (“KA”) was established by Gary and Cheryl Lawrence in 1986. Lydia and Jonathan Jackson purchased KA in April 2015. Lydia is a level 3 dressage specialist and level 2 general coach. Jonathan is a Chartered Accountant and has an interest in dressage and young horses.
Lydia was successful as a Young Rider in all disciplines and at the age of 19 left Tasmania for New South Wales to pursue an Eventing career. Lydia is Tasmania’s leading Dressage rider and her clients are enjoying lessons and advice from an experienced and dynamic Instructor.
This is Lydia's feedback so far.......

"Hi Tony,
Thank you for brochures and information.
From starting 5 horses on Kool Glow these are my observations..........
1. Three of the 5 are more relaxed in work, general handling and overall temperament.
2. Four of the 5 substantially have put on more condition and have shinier coats and cleaner skin.
3. One out of the 5 is still not blooming, but growing rapidly and under more work than ever before. He does however have a shinier coat and calmer disposition.
I have a number of clients keen to try for all types of reasons. I will encourage them to provide you with photos and feed back." - Lydia 
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Thank Camilla for your great feedback on Kool Glow, and the results that you are getting on your 33 year old Gelding.

Wow is all I can say!

"So, after Tony's recommendation, I included Kool Glow in Sky's 3 daily feeds. It's been a month now and I'm impressed! Sky has definitely improved. The weight gain has accelerated, his coat looks and feels healthier (patches are from wearing a coat) , his hooves are in great condition for his nearly 33 years and his temperament has softened. I will certainly continue feeding Kool Glow"- Camilla 
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The Kool Glow team would like to thank Sara for her great feedback on Kool Glow!

Here is what Sara had to say,

"This is my 14yo Quarter Horse Rebel. He has been on Kool Glow for a month now and he is looking fantastic! He is a bit of a paddock bum and is only in light work at the moment, and I am a bit slack with rugs and grooming...I snapped this pic first thing in the morning, he is un-groomed, covered in dirt and mud just waiting for his breakfast but still looks amazing! In the last couple of weeks I have been getting so many compliments on how good he looks especially in his winter woolly coat, and the only change we have made is adding Kool Glow. I will definitely be continuing with it." - Sara 


Testimonial blog 45
Look at that glow...

Thank you for your gorgeous photos Thereisa, and for telling us about your results with Kool Glow! Good luck at your future competitions!

"Hi I use Kool glow and it's fantastic for my boys coats very very happy with it! " - Thereisa 


Testimonial blog 48
Kool Glow would like to thank Jody for her great testimonial, and fantastic picture!

Your horse looks fantastic Jody.....Thank you for your support!

"I'm very happy with the results after using Kool Glow for the first time. This particular horse doesn't 'need' the extra energy from feed but I still want him to look nice and healthy. I have given him Kool Glow in chaff for the month previous to these photos. He looked and felt great competing all weekend! I am now feeding it to my young competition horses as well. "

Jody Challacombe - "Gundabah" Middlemount Qld 


Testimonial blog 47
Thank you Clint Kenny for your testimonial about your results from using Kool Glow. Le Roi is certainly looking awesome!

Here is what Clint had to say, 

"I was looking for a vitamin mineral supplement to address any deficiencies in our horse’s diet. We trialed our breeding stallion Le Roi on Kool Glow and we’re so thrilled with the results that we have now added it to the daily feed of broodmares and young horses.

After a change of pasture and a busy breeding season Le Roi is looking and feeling fantastic and seems to be so much healthier since his daily addition of Kool Glow.

We are now feeding less hard feed for an increased weight and healthier coat!" - Clint Kenny - Toowoomba