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It's about Your Horse, Your Discipline, and Your Dream!

For me this picture captures a big part of what Kool Glow is all about.

Whatever you do with your horses, you want to be able to enjoy them at their best, whether it is riding over the ranges with your family, or competing in the Olympics. Kool Glow wants to help you achieve Your Dream!

This photo and text is from one of the creators of Kool Glow....a product that is 100% Australian developed, owned and manufactured. The beginnings of the idea for the product that ended up as Kool Glow started out here, on a horse, with a dream to follow.

"This is the photo, shot in our Eastern Fall country, which is my home, with my little girl riding pillion, as she as done since she was 2 for hours at a time, on my mare Tia who has saved my life on several occasions." - RG.

Kool Glow is absolutely thrilled to have our first testimonial from WA!

Thank you so much to Allwood Stud Farm manager Mick Holtham for your great feedback. Allwood Stud Farm is a prestigious Standardbred breeding establishment located in the beautiful Swan Valley in Western Australia.
Here is what Mick had to say about Kool Glow,

"I had some yearlings arrive for me to prepare for the sales in very poor condition and with shockingly bad feet.
I WAS VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE RESULTS OF KOOL GLOW and if you want to discuss the results with please don't hesitate to contact me." - Mick 
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Tiffanie is on fire competing with Australian Stock Horse!

Kool Glow would like to thank competitor and trainer, Tiffanie Littlejohn for her great feedback, and wonderful photos of her and her Australian Stock Horses.
Congratulations on your results Tiffanie, and all the best for your upcoming competitions!

"Just wanted to say I love your product, been feeding it to my ASH Colt. I am seeing good changes in trainees and horses in for a start. I am a horse trainer on the coast really enjoying this product" - Tiffanie 
The Kool Glow team would like to thank Kellie Ann for her great testimonial!

We wish her all the best for her upcoming competitions.
Photos to come......watch this space!

Here is what Kellie Ann had to say, 

"Kate Campbell at Bedwells in Bathurst suggested I try this product and the results have been enormous.

I'm 22 days in and my horse looks a million dollars. Not only is she the picture of health, her hooves have improved, her coat is shiny and her colour has deepened - her gut health and temperament have improved enormously!! We have a dressage comp this weekend and I don't have to worry about clipping her as the Kool Glow is somehow keeping her coat in summer condition! I love this product! My marey mate has disappeared and the sweet girl who loves her job is back!
I can't wait to see the effects of this product in coming months!" - Kellie Ann 

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Thank you Mel Clausen for your support of Kool Glow, and your wonderful testimonial!

He looks fantastic!

"Hi there... I absolutely love this product... I have been using it for 3 weeks on my literally straight off the track TB gelding. I purchased it from Holley Stoll at my local Norco store.
The 3 photos are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd weeks of my geldings outward response to Kool Glow.
I can't believe the change in 3 short weeks. I had the farrier out today, and my horses feet have improved out of sight. His coat is beautiful and shiny, which shows health from the inside out... the way it should be. The product has put weight on my boy even with a small stomach ulcer, which I believe your product has helped to heal... Kool Glow is an amazing product. It would be an honour to help spread the word." - Mel


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"Miss Cool Concert" for the win!

Kool Glow would like to thank Samantha Yarrington for her great testimonial, and stunning photo of Miss Cool Concert. Congratulations on your Reserve Grand Champion - what an awesome result!

April 19th,2016

"Good morning, Just thought I would send you this photo of my filly. She is looking amazing since being on Kool Glow. I love it – she is a different horse since being on the product trial. If you remember she seemed to have digestion issues – there is now definitely a difference – her manure is now solid, not runny or sloppy, and her overall health has improved, she is even running around the paddock being a hoon, which she never did – she just moped around, she is a completely different horse.
We are competing today at the Q16 Nationals – and I'm thrilled to report that she just got Reserve Grand Champion American Mare – out of 10 mares!!!
So happy with how she amazing she looks. Even her whole temperament has changed, she is alive and happy, not just moping around – even to show.
Here’s my photos – Im in love with this stuff – it is the best, I have taken my filly off every other supplement I had her on and have just been feeding the Kool Glow. The results speak for themselves." - Samantha 
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Thank you so much Shelby Morandin for your wonderful testimonial!

We are thrilled that you found the product you were looking for in Kool Glow. Good Luck in all your upcoming events, your horses look magnificent!

"I have been working with horses for 15 yrs. Having worked as a polo groom, a apprentice jockey, and I have now moved to competing in western events, including reining, western pleasure, and halter. I have plenty of experience in getting horses to the top of their game in many disciplines.
I have used many different products, but I just couldn't find that something special to give the perfect edge to my horses - that winning finish! Then I found Kool Glow. It really finishes a horse beautifully. It has improved my horses feet and coat 10 fold! I couldn't recommend this product more! It has also helped my wind sucker reduce its sucking, an amazing result!" - Shelby
Thanks Lynne for your wonderful feedback...
"My name is Lynne Wood. I have been giving my Stockhorse mare Kool Glow after a consult with the QLD rep Lana Robinson. She was not a good traveler, and I had to use hobbles on her, even then she would still pace back and forth in the bay. Her work at home was great, but when I took to the shows she was unsettled and seemed nervous all the time. She has always been a picky eater,and would not drink while she was away, so I was skeptical that she would eat Kool Glow, but she has eaten it all from the first feed.I can not believe the change in her since she has been on Kool Glow. After two weeks on Kool Glow, I took her to her first show and she stood happily on the float there, (it was a 2 hour trip). She ate and drank all the day and was calm and relaxed in the ring. Thank you Kool Glow for giving me a much happier horse to show!" - Lynne
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Thank you Selina Irvin for your feedback, what a great results!
"Here are some before and after photos of Chaser, Chestnut Mare!
The results were incredible after a month of being on Kool Glow. My QH X mare, Chaser had a rough coat that looked half shredded and feet full of cracks, not to mention a sour temperament. A month on Kool Glow and her coat glistened in the sun, her feet had filled out and she became a placid loving horse. I started my new thoroughbred, Rex on Kool Glow and he has filled out in just two weeks! My dog, Blue, also gets Kool glow once or twice a week to keep his coat and nails healthy. Worth every penny!! Turned my aged looking horse into a $10,000 looking horse !!" - Selina


Another great Testimonial showcasing the benefits of Kool Glow.
"Thrilled with the results especially after a yearling colt arrived for yearling prep with a chronic case of seedy toe and with only 10 weeks to prepare for sale, we gave Kool Glow a shot as we were under pressure to have his hoof right for sale day. After only 3 weeks we had hoof growth that would normally take months to achieve! Not to mention his coat improvement on top of it, looked like he had done a full prep. Will most definitely be using Kool Glow for any problem horses on the stud, well worth the quick results under times of pressure." - Kandice ( Fig Tree Thoroughbreds )
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The team at Kool Glow are thrilled to have received the following testimonial from Australian Great Vicki Roycroft!
"I was very sceptical after the rep visited - but I gave it to a thoroughbred that has not been a good doer - I always had to personally ride him as he was too difficult for the girls to ride - but, I have to admit, since being on the Kool Glow for the past month, he has put on weight and the students can now ride him. I will continue to use and endorse Kool Glow. Pleasantly surprised."

Sincerely, Vicki Roycroft. April 2nd 2016.

Vicki has been a member of three Olympic and three World Championship Teams. She is a highly successful International showjumping competitor and a highly qualified riding and showjumping instructor, both in Australia and overseas.